7 Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself when You Are the Other Woman ...


Sometimes love is blind, and you don’t always choose the person you’ll fall in love with, but if that person happens to be a married man, I believe you should know what are the things you shouldn’t do or what are the lies you should stop telling yourself when you are the other woman. I know this is a very sensitive issue that may cause a lot of stir among you ladies, and you should know that in fact nobody wants to be the other woman in any relationship, but sometimes, these things just happen and those women might think they just don’t have any control over it. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! Here are a few lies you should stop telling yourself when you are the other woman.

1. “I’m His True Love.”

Well, this is definitely one of the top lies you should stop telling yourself when you are the other woman. You might think you are his true love or you might even feel this way, but you should probably think again. Most affairs are amazing at the beginning because you don’t have all those responsibilities a normal couple has like bills, kids, mortgages. But, just like every beginning, this will come to an end too and even if now you do believe you are his true love, think about the fact that at a certain point in his life, his wife was his true love and that didn’t stop him from cheating on her.

“He Will Leave His Family for Me.”


Most people forget that marriage should be forever. Or vowing in front if God doesn\'t mean anything? In order for a marriage to function, both partners need to give it their all and work at it every ...
I didn\'t know the man I was seeing was married until he told me 6 months later!! After he told me it made a lot of sense as to why we never went out anywhere!
This post is VERY necessary. Whether an affair is something you\'re against or not, it happens & for those individuals who are partaking-they need to read this!
Michelle Noel
I don\'t even think this post is okay. The Affair should not be happening in the first place.
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