11. ... Being Put First No Matter What

... Sharing the Bath Water


Dream Adventures
Love is when BAE can't go a day without you. 👫💏💑
Chloe Mcsorley
Love is good but can sometimes be bad. Love controls your life and the decisions you make, sometimes those decisions can be wrong and can mess you life up but sometimes love can complete that missing hole your searching to fill. Love can come in many forms... Pets ... Friends... Family and of course your partner. But in all these forms love makes you feel the same way. It's makes you feel supported and encourages you to do new exciting things. It's fills you with overflowing happiness that no one will ever understand. It's makes you feel special because that form of love has given time from their lives to show you love. There are so many things love is and many people can give you love, but it your choice to find a pursue positive love
Love is playing FIFA together, cuddling and kissing, hockey pocket and and sticking by in the best and worst , love is a blessing and a curse, but more a blessing ❤️
Medina Santana
How do you know what love is , if you have never experienced it
Amazing, inspiring, energizing, mystical & fulfilling... It's the only thing that really matters
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