13. ... an Adventure

... Having Someone to Act Goofy with


Love is losing control when you kiss him at the point you don't remember how to turn your car at that moment ...love is peace when you put your head into his shoulder , that kind of inner peace that you didn't even know it existed ...love is kissing him till your lips numb and wanted him more ....Love is watching him being far from the handsome guy you 've dreamed for and don't care at all ... Love is feeling overprotective and won't let anyone hurt him ...Love is falling to pieces when he doesn't choose you ...Love is trying to see his good sides even when you can't wake up from bad cause he has broken your heart to that point....Love is missing him every second of the day and thinking of him before even you open your eyes in the morning ...Love is praying for him to come back to you even why it has been 2 years since he walked away ...Love is waiting for him and hoping to be in his arms again and for ever no matter there is no sign to make you hope about that ...
Love was everything I wanted and was soo close to but never had. The almost but never thing that pains my heart everyday while I pretend to not miss my life partner 😔
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