4. Be Expressive…

Penguins are thought to express their emotions frequently;

the cry that has been identified as an “I love you” type call is loud, and can be heard throughout the day.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve might seem risky, but it promotes confidence in the relationship, and knowing that you are loved is very reassuring.

You’ll feel much more secure in an expressive relationship, so give it a try, and tell the people you love how you feel.

Look after Yourself…


Heather Jensen
Oh! That's a great idea! Thank you for that Susan!
Susan elfman
I don't mean to be offensive or mean, but I think there should be one about how swans teach us. Emperor penguins only mate for a year, but swans mate for life
Heather Jensen
Oh! That's so awesome!! :)
I love this...my partner works overseas a lot so we only see each other every nine months...he tattoo'd a penguin on my back as we are life partners...his penguin is on his chest over his heart....thanks for the blog xxxxxx😍
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's amazing that you know that! Thank you Katherine!
Heather Jensen
Oh! That's some great information! :) Thank you for this!
Heather Jensen
Awesome!! :) Thanks for reading!
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so glad! :) Thanks for the comment!
Soo cute.!I was smiling the whole time while reading this.
Isabella Coles
Gave me a smile at the end of the day ^_^
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