8 Love Tricks to Impress a Guy ...


Figuring out how to impress a guy is never easy!

They are hard creatures to understand and learning the love tricks that can really impress them isn't necessarily something that us girls can master -- guys probably feel the same way about us!

If you're looking for ways to impress a guy without using your body, but rather using your wits and intelligence, I've got you covered!

We've got more to show than just our bodies, girls, and I'm here to show you how!

So, you ready to learn some tips for impressing a guy?

1. No Drama

Guys are obsessed with girls who don't bring drama into their lives.

While some drama is necessary once you are their girlfriend , making sure to keep the drama at a minimum when you are just flirting with him is a great way to impress him.

Guys want a girl who is laid back someone to go with the flow, someone who doesn't mind change.

Keep that in mind when you are learning how to impress a guy.

Don't over-Dress Yourself


Heather Jensen
Hi Sama! Why isn't he interested in you? Was he your boyfriend in the beginning? Did you have a fight?
a guy loved me but is not interested in me anymore.what do i do to get him back?
Im meeting a guy after school that i met at a volleyball tournament a few weeks ago. He is coming to my school for a basketball game and were gonna talk. He asked me out but im really scared to talk to him. What do I say to make him want me ansd hug me?
Diana Marie Denza
@Rachel Hatcher, Hi Rachel and thank you for reading AWS. For starters, I just want to say that we've all been through this at some point or another. I know how much it hurts, but you're young and should be focusing on forming the life you want. Go out, have fun, talk to new boys. And if it's meant to happen with this guy, it'll happen. Just remember that if he doesn't know what he wants, it's not your fault.
Noemi Kat Peraza
Hey Rachel Hatcher, by reading your comment I got the impression that maybe your really taking this to heart. You both are young explore go out and enjoy what life gives you. I know because I went through that I know how it feels give it some time go out join classes after school hang out with other friends and you'll possibly meet new friends also! Good luck and hopefully I have helped you at least a bit so you won't be down!
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