7 Lovely Tips for a Second Date That Will Have Him Coming Back for More ...


Perhaps you just went on an amazing date and are looking for some tips for a second date, and even a third!

Dating is such a trial and error issue that when we find someone we like, we don’t want to ruin anything!

Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve got some awesome tips for a second date if you need some help with this area in your own life.

1. Don’t Talk about Yourself Too Much

One of the most important tips for a second date is not to talk too much about yourself on your first date.

I’ve made this mistake before out of nervousness, and it’s not one to follow, trust me.

You should talk throughout the night, but when your date asks you a question, don’t answer him with a paragraph statement.2

A simple answer and short explanation is fine.

Better yet, ask him something in return and allow him to talk.

It’s best to show you’re balanced on a date, and not telling your first date your life story is a great way to play it safe and ensure a second date.

2. Be Yourself

Everyone says this, but people still often overlook the importance of being yourself on a first date.

Don’t feel like you need to be someone you’re not for your date.2

Doing so will only backfire, I promise.

It’s much better to be yourself.

If he doesn’t like it, then his loss!

Besides, if you act like someone else on your first date, you're forced to the same on your second date, or you risk being exposed.

You deserve to be comfortable, relaxed and happy around someone, and you can only do that long term if you’re yourself.

Plus, you’ll be much better at it as a bonus!

3. Use Etiquette

While I hate to be all prim and proper, I have to tell you that etiquette skills are important.

Simple things like wiping your mouth with your napkin, chewing your food with your mouth closed and not slurping through a straw are all ladylike things that don’t take a lot of skills.

Respect yourself and your date enough to act like a female when you’re out in public.

First impressions are everything!

A good first impression can also lead to a great second date.

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