Major Red Flags 🚩He's a Jealous and Possessive 😠 BF ...


It takes time to get to know and understand your guy.

It may take a while to realize that he gets jealous easily or that he can be possessive.

In the early days of a relationship, this is cute.2

We even find it flattering.

As time goes on however, we realize this is controlling, and that it is more about his insecurities than his love for you.

If you think your BF has crossed the line from cute possessive to ugly jealousy, it’d probably because you’re seeing these red flags.

1. He Wants to Be Involved in All of Your Decisions

Does he always find a way to work himself in to your decision making, even when it is for something that isn’t even relevant to you as a couple?

This screams possessiveness and a need to control your life.

He Hides behind β€˜Love’
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