Make Sure Your Height as a Tall Girl Doesn't Intimidate Him ๐Ÿ“ ...


Being a tall girl can be terrific or terrible.

Thereโ€™s good and bad that comes along with it.

One area where it can a little tricky is in the dating world.

Some guys feel intimidated by a girl thatโ€™s tall.

Hereโ€™re some ways to make sure your man doesnโ€™t feel that way.

1. Be Confident and Love Yourself!

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First of all, accept and love yourself, including your height!

Weโ€™re all unique individuals and you should never have to apologize for that.

If youโ€™ve accepted who you are, including your height then itโ€™s less likely to be an issue for him.

If youโ€™re hung up on it then deal with that before you get into a relationship.

Guys love a confident girl!

Tell Him How Treasured He Makes You Feel
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