4. Your Body Language Can Be Hurtful

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Most guys arenโ€™t as verbal about feelings as girls are. Therefore, they read a lot into how youโ€™re feeling by your body language. When you roll your eyes or shake your head, they take that personally. It can hurt their feelings. Some of this can be really surprising to learn about because itโ€™s not that big of a deal to us.

Questioning His Ability to do Something Hurts His Pride


Not all men cheat or hurt women. Seems like I got the only good guy out there and unfortunately have hurt Him. The don't doubt his abilities one is what hurt him. Other stuff too tho ..
Guys don't show us how they feel that's what makes me mad like I don't want a cry baby but I would like seeing what makes him mad or hurt
Men hurt women an awful lot and often it's our loyalty and love that keeps the relationship on going.... I've just split from my so called boyfriend if 4 years as he just became a burden as I consider...
Haweee m
Men hurt our feelings dan we do, cos men r not faithful, we love and care for them, but if they cheat on us.
She missed another thing, jealousy. Jealousy hurts men and women as well.
Lol Does anyone else feel like just hugging all the men out there, after reading this? Poor men! How about our own feelings they hurt and don't even seem to care when we let know? We just decide to love them and carry on....
1,3,4,7 apply to my man..
I think this applies to women as well as men
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