8 Mind-Blowing Love Tips for a Sagittarius ...


As I'm making my way through all of the love tips for the signs, I can't forget about love tips for a Sagittarius! This sign is so important and honestly, if you are a Sagittarius, you are a fun and active person! If you're looking for some love tips for a Sagittarius to discover how you can be in a relationship with this particular sign or if you are a Sag and are looking for a relationship, these tips will help!

1. Active Dates

A lot of the love tips for a Sagittarius all revolve around being active and being in motion. This particular sign likes action and they don't like to sit still. A first date should also be something super active. After all, the Sagittarius is an Archer, so of course something that will keep them up physically is a great idea!

Sudden Change of Plans


I'm a saggi, very true....thanks for the article!
Bella Vita
So true :) #SagLife
@Jean hi jean.x. All saggi little bit weird;) your best matches r leo aries.x. Good luck!
Hi Heather, and hi to all true and loyal saggies.x. I like z comment , her being a saggi but loves being indoors ... True for me too!The saggis that do love to party ,far from the loudest but definite...
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thanks Jean! That's awesome! You'll find him.
I'm a sag and I need a guy just like this, because we'd get along great. I'm 16 and never have had a boyfriend because I'm just weird, but thanks so much for all the great posts. I really do love them. :)
Heather Jensen
That's awesome! Thanks for reading! :)
I'm a Sag, but I love being indoors and parties can feel a bit overwhelming.
Very true!
Kristy Andrew
Thanks, Heather!
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