21 Mind-Blowing Sex Tips for an Aries ...


If you're dating an Aries and you have no idea what sex tips for an Aries are out there, you've got to take a look below! I've pulled together all of the top sex tips for an Aries that will absolutely drive your partner insane and will really make them know that you are the one for them! The Aries in general is a very proud sign and they love sex – so get ready for some sex tips that'll blow your mind a little!

1. Playing with Their Hair

One of the biggest turn-ons for an Aries and one of the top sex tips for an Aries that you'll have to watch out for is their hair. They love to have their hair played with and they like to have their head touched. If you want to know the best way to turn an Aries on, it's to start toying with their hair a little bit!



The only thing to add is not every Aries is athletic and outdoorsy. There are some like me who are lazy or have allergies (I'm practically allergic to everything). I guess it's because astrology is mo...
Wow true.
Hi heather im an aries and i found this exciting to see in the headlines with angst (i also felt that way when i was reading it) i learned that i dont recognize what i know already, bcuz it clicked wh...
@alli, she wasn't being rude she was just saying her opinion and what she would like to see in the future
Heather Jensen
Aw! Thanks Alli! :) You're a sweetheart!
Heather Jensen
Hi Beth! Thanks for the comment -- a lot of people found the compatibility tips really helpful, I'm sorry that you didn't. Definitely working on the sex tips though! Keep watching out!
@Beth ***sex
Make a sez tips for Aquarius! You made a compatibility one but that's boring haha
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you Kara!! :) Keep reading!
Kara Hidaji
I read the comments of your old blog and its really cool how you answer to everyone! I love your blogs! Keep on doing this stuff!
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