8 Misconceptions about Lesbian Relationships ...


Lesbian relationships are virtually no different than any other relationship in the world, but there are a lot of misconceptions about lesbian relationships.

I'm here to clear up a lot of those misconceptions and to let you know that lesbian relationships are exactly the same as any other relationship out there!

1. All Butch

One of the biggest misconceptions about lesbian relationships is that all lesbians are actually butch.

It's not true at all!

There are lipstick lesbians out there and even just plain old girls that like other girls.

Not all lesbians are butch and need to have a mullet haircut.

No Dreams of Weddings


Hey Janessa! It just sounds like you are a little confused right now. Do you have really strong feelings for your friend? Could you imagine yourself doing things that you and your boyfriend do together? If not, it could have just been a fleeting moment. :)
Idk if I am straight our by?? I love my bf but Idk like the other day I had filling for BFF and idk wht happen so cause of tht am I gay??
@Megan, You're welcome!! :) I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!
seriously thank you so much for this post! like the other ladies below me, im a VERY VERY very girly girly lesbian, people actually think im straight and are shocked when they see my with my girlfriend. its so great to actually have someone tell others the misconceptions! thank you isnt enough!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for this post, I'm with Cassie on this one. I'm a very girly girl and there is never anything about lesbians on girly sites/magazines because of stereotypes and it can get annoying to be stereotyped as "manly" when you're very girly but people tend to know the "manly" lesbians since they are the obvious ones. So thank you for giving us "girly lesbians" a nice surprise:)
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