11. Too Much Passion

Did you ever think you'd read about kisses that are too passionate? Well, I'd just like to remind you that not all of your kisses have to be big Hollywood productions.

Pecks on the lips, cheek or forehead are just as sweet and you don't always have to use tons of tongue in order to enjoy a nice kiss with your honey!

Everyone has, or will have, a bad kissing experience. At times, it's totally the man's fault, but you could also be to blame on occasion. Have you ever had a horrible kiss? Tell us all about it.

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.


How come I can only see number 1?
I have never made out with anyone. I am of appropriate age, and have been dating my boyfriend for a year, but because he had a sexual expirience in the past (which he says he regrets, but still) I am ...
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