7 Most Unique Dating Websites ...


Dating sites seem to be prevalent on the net, but how many unique ones are there?

Well, I was curious, so I searched until I found what I think are the 7 most unique dating websites still running today.

Take a look at the descriptions below and see what you think.

7. Gk2gk.com


The Geek 2 Geek dating site is for uber smart people who are seeking other uber smart people.

On this site it seems like you can truly be yourself, no matter what the extent of your geekiness is.

This site was designed to help geeks find people they can click with.

The best quote on the โ€˜About Gk2Gkโ€™ page is: Geeks make the best friends and lovers, because theyโ€™re smart and theyโ€™re loyal.


This makes geeks sound less human and more canine like!

Overall, it looks like a great site for geeks to find love and friendship among people with similar tastes.

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