13. My Boyfriend is Skinnier than Me and He Just Doesn't Care

Believe me, I completely understand what it's like to feel anxious about getting naked in front of your partner if he or she is thinner than you. When you feel insecure, it's almost impossible to feel comfortable in intimate situations. But the next time you feel that way, think about this: it's not only possible but highly likely that your boyfriend doesn't even care that he's skinnier than you. He probably doesn't even think about it. This might be hard, but just try asking him about it. For all of these issues, in fact, finding out how he feels can be a major step toward moving past your own feelings of discomfort and insecurity.

Just because my boyfriend is skinnier than me doesn't mean he's wishing he was with a skinny girl. He knew what I looked like long before we got together – and I promise that your boyfriend did, too. Don't feel like he's settling or waiting for something better to come along; he wouldn't be in a serious relationship with you if that was the case. So what if my boyfriend is skinnier than me? So what if your boyfriend is skinnier than you? These guys are exactly where they want to be. In the past, the fact that my boyfriend is skinnier than me made me so uncomfortable that I was afraid to be intimate, and he had no idea why. When a situation like this comes to the fore, you need to communicate. Talking to him will likely invalidate a lot of your fears and lay your worries to rest. What other suggestions do you have for coping with this scenario?


@Bri, best. response. ever.
@Crickets, true that was excellent advice, Im 5'7 & weight 190 my boyfriend is smaller than me, they always been men smaller then me, so i guess i attract skinny men & they accept me for me & thats all that matter!
Patricia Benitez
My Boyfriend Is Skinnier than Me... And Loves Me Despite of the Extra Pounds. (via Twitter)
Heather Jensen
Hey Crew! First and foremost, you are beautiful, completely beautiful and nobody should tell you different. If you are having problems with your husband though, I'd definitely talk to him more about...
I am married and my husband is really thin he weights 140 and ge is 6 feet. I am 5'4" and weight 185. At the beggining it was very hard but i got over it. I always thought things like he chose me, ...
I'm bigger than my man by about 75 pounds. Im big. I got a big thighs and big boobs. If he wanted a little girl he would get one. Try getting something comfy & sexy to wear for the dirty dirty. ...
Please trust me on this. You might be surprised that we men are attracted to a variety of things: a woman's personality, face, eyes, or smile, and her attitude - when you show us the enthusiasm and jo...
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