9 Myths about Soulmates to Stop Believing Now ...


I can't believe all the myths about soulmates I've heard throughout my life.

Honestly, read a romance novel or watch a sappy movie sometime.

So many people base their entire love life around the concept of a soulmate.

Sadly, the myths about soulmates actually make us strive for something that doesn't exist in the way we're taught to believe.

1. There's Only One

One of the biggest myths about soulmates is there's only one.

This myth makes people afraid to commit or afraid to date again after a divorce or after their partner dies.

A soulmate is someone who completes you during a specific time.2

This could be your spouse, your best friend, family members, children or even a pet.

If there was only one, we'd be very lonely people.2

2. You Need Nothing else

I hate this myth more than any of the others.

Apparently, a soulmate should complete you to the point you want nothing else in life.

All your hopes and dreams should be secondary.

I love my guy, but I still wouldn't be happy unless I could pursue my career, go out with friends or enjoy my hobbies.

A soulmate completes part of you, not all of you.

3. Relationships Are Easier

Simply put, no relationship is easy.

Relationships take work from both parties.2

Some people honestly believe if they encounter any problems with a partner then that person must not be β€œthe one.” If you believe someone is your soulmate, shouldn't you work harder to stay together instead of expecting it to all just work out?

It's a nice myth, but a relationship with your soulmate isn't going to be a joy ride the whole time.

4. You'll Love the Same Things

Some couples love all the same things.

Other couples are complete opposites.

Both types of couples have happy, lasting relationships.

As you can see, soulmates don't have to love the same things.

While you should have a few things you enjoy together, it's fine to have different hobbies and interests.2

If nothing else, it gives you a little time to yourself and gives you something to talk about later.

A Soulmate Must Be a Spouse
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