4. To a Lesbian Couple: Can We Have a Threesome?

To a Lesbian Couple: Can We Have a Threesome?

How about no.

So Which One of You is Butch?


@k-dizzel I still can't believe people choose to live a straight lifestyle. (Do you hear the sarcasm?) Do you not comprehend how idiotic and ignorant your comment sounded?
Heather Robinson
@k-dizzle, it definitely isn't a choice.
@rhondajames nobody said it was only gay couples who get asked stupid things, but I can definitely tell you nobody asked me how I had sex or told me I just needed to find the right man before I came out. Nobody asked me any of these. After coming out and finding a partner I get asked almost daily half of these questions.
People will be people. I agree with Peony. It's no different to asking heteros stupid questions. Singling out same sex makes it appear they are the only ones to have to deal with such crap. Not true!
peony blue
I have never asked anyone such a stupid question but then it is just as bad as asking a heterosexual couple when they are going to have children its like leave people alone to live their lives ...
Oh god those questions made me cringe
Assuming people who live together are a couple just because theirs 2 of them. They could be friends who just want to save money by living together instead of alone.
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