5. So Which One of You is Butch?

So Which One of You is Butch?

How about, both of us are equally butch.

And manly.

And we don't fight over who is taking out the trash.

Who's in Charge, the Top or the Bottom?


@k-dizzel YES peopl were born gay. It's NOT a choice. You like who uou like. Love is not a choice. Attraction is not a choice. Sexual orientation is not a choice. Trust me, nobody would want to be gay if they had a choice. Nobody wants to be bullied or assaulted for liking the same gender and not being the straight norm. I would give up being gay in a heartbeat to get back the days I got bullied and all the times I've been threatened with "you just need to be with the right penis to make you love men" or the left out feeling from being an outcast in my shitty childhood neighborhood where being gay got you beat up anytime anybody wanted to. But I can't become straight, just like you can't suddenly become gay. Because I love girls. I am gay. I was born gay. And that is not a choice.
@gjp except we live in an age where you don't need to offend someone. Asking someone who you know well, or even asking Google. None of these are the same answer per couple anyways. Strangers do not need to know how I have sex or how/if I'll have a child. If someone I know we'll, and have been friends with for a while then whatever, as long as they ask nicely and don't get rude if I don't want to answer. But the key point is strangers vs good friends. Would you tell strangers everything equally to your best friend?
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