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No couple is ever going to be perfect, no matter how perfect they are for each other. After all, everyone has their strong points and their weak points. That's why you should stop paying attention to the way your friends act with their boyfriends. Their love lives shouldn't concern you. In fact, here are a few things you should never compare about your relationship and your friends' relationships:

1. How Many Expensive Gifts He Buys You

How Many Expensive Gifts He Buys You

Love isn't measured with money. It doesn't matter if your friend received a diamond necklace for her anniversary when your boyfriend only wrote you a poem. It's the thought that counts, so she might be just as jealous of your gift as you are of her gift. That's why you should appreciate what you have without comparing your life to her life.

How Many Pictures They Share on Social Media


How is it any different for gay couples to be forced to watch straight couples kiss? Oh that's right there is no difference. You just refuse to accept others for some made up immature reason. I love s...
Live and let live !!! Who are you to judge?????
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Gay garbage? @Liz you're absolutely free to go if you don't like it. Sick to death o close minde people like you.
Oh no, somebody other than a male and female kissing. The horror! How bad! How dare people not do what you want in life. @Liz, I'll call you tomorrow asking you what I should wear and what to eat!
Get her... @Katie hilarious lol
Oh no. How dare people different than you want to be represented as well. Those evil liberals.
What is up with the gay garbage? Sick to death of that being forced on the public but the liberal dominate media culture.
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