NEVER ⛔️ do These Things when Things Are Heating πŸ’₯ up in the Bedroom πŸ› ...


There are some things that have the absolute certainty to kill the moment. You’re both in the throes of passion and one of you makes the decision to do something that is about as sexy as a bucket of cold water or your parents walking in on you. These are the things you should never let waves of passion carry you away to do, unless you want to douse the flames.

1. NEVER Turn down a Condom Request

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Whether you are the male or the female in the situation, if one wants to use a condom and the other doesn’t, then that is a sign that your sexual paths should not be crossing at this time.

NEVER Consider Using Two Condoms


I disagree with being quiet both my man and i are quiet and we have such a good time. Its never awkward
@Anna i guess shes saying a little hair pulling can be sexy and to not shy away from it before you know if you like it
and what does number nine mean?
What do you mean by number 5?
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