4. Politics


You do want to know about the political views of someone you’re going to be in a relationship with, especially if politics are important to you. But first dates aren’t always the best time for that conversation. First dates should be fun and friendly, not deep and emotionally charged. The only sparks you want to see fly are the ones from the chemistry between you! πŸ’« Wait until you know you’re headed into something a little more serious before you worry about this topic.

Problems with Friends or Family


Ju shad my second date ever yesterday, and I'm so glad I didn't screw it up with any of these.
Cats! Politics I disagree with, I could not date or have a relationship with someone who wasn't of the same political mindset as I am. It is a matter of character. If on the other side of the isle I would kick him to the curb.
Thank you !
I agree!
Common sense but I think some people still need to hear it unfortunately lol great article!!
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