4. Flip, Sip or Strip

Flip, sip or strip is one of the naughtier drinking games on this list and it’s a whole lot of fun too!

All you need is a coin to flip, alcohol and a wild imagination!

Here’s what you do!

Flip the coin and guess if it’s heads or tails.

If you get it right, you do nothing.

But if you get it wrong once, you down a shot.

Get it wrong two times and you have to take off a piece of clothing.

This game is normally played with at least three people, but I don’t think you’ll have any problems having a good time with just the two of you!

Blind Mate


Looks fun I can't wait to try it hopefully I play it right
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you Pashanderson! :) We try to keep it neutral!
i love that instead of using hetero-normative pronouns and references, you used neutral ones :) made my day
Nitza Matus
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
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