Jelena Jovanovic

8 Non Verbal Signs That He is into You ...

Wondering if He Is Into You? Well wonder no more because there are more than a few good ways to know for sure! His body language, for example, can speak more than words and learning how to interpret it could save you a lot of troubles, a lot of sleepless nights and, of course, a lot of nerves. Yes, there are plenty of small clues you’ll need to keep an eye on in order to determine if he is into you but, once you know exactly what to look for you’ll actually find it very easy! So, are you ready to stop guessing? Well, do keep reading, dear, as I’m about to list 8 moves your man is bound to make if he is into you!

1. Raised Eyebrow(s)

People who make their living studying human behavior have noticed something rather interesting – men tend to raise their eyebrows whenever they see something (or, in this case, somebody) they like. Raised eyebrows make his eyes appear bigger and the light reflecting in them makes them appear brighter, shinier and more attractive. This is one of those smart tricks Mother Nature uses to make sure the person one admires sees all his best features and, although this movement might not last more than a few seconds, that’s still plenty of time for you to take notice.

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