15 Non-Verbal Signs πŸ‘« That He is into You πŸ‘€ πŸ’ ...


What are some non-verbal signs a guy is into you?

We've all heard the saying: Actions speak louder than words. When it comes to guys πŸ‘¦, that saying is as true as it gets! There are so many clues and signs that you can pick up on to be totally sure he's into you πŸ”₯. Here are 15 non-verbal signs a guy is into you! πŸ’•

1. Raised Eyebrow(s) πŸ‘€

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People who make their living studying human behavior have noticed something rather interesting – men tend to raise their eyebrows whenever they see something (or, in this case, somebody) they like. Raised eyebrows make his eyes appear bigger and the light reflecting in them makes them appear brighter, shinier and more attractive. This is one of those smart tricks Mother Nature uses to make sure the person one admires sees all his best features and, although this movement might not last more than a few seconds, that’s still plenty of time for you to take notice.

Leaning Forward πŸ‘¨πŸΏ πŸ‘©πŸΏ


Hello Anon! I'd have to say that you need to speak with him. It doesn't seem like asking him out is working, but maybe just let him know where your head is at. Maybe he is scared that it'll ruin th...
Hello Kenzie!!! Nobody should make you feel like they are better than you. However, it could just be a front on his part. Some guys are insecure, that's why they act a little cocky. Do you get the...
I'm also in 9th grade and my boyfriend is a senior. If he acts like he's better than you because he's a couple years older, well, that's not a good sign. I once had this thing with this other senior, ...
kso, theres this guy that i kinda like, but, like, hes older then me, and he acts like hes so much better then me, but he usally does all of these signs, hes alot taller then me, so, like, if i ask hi...
the guy i like does all these things, but wont go out with me! ive asked him a few times now and all he'll say is "got to go, speak to you later" but he never does until how much later and im back to square one. help!?
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