5 Normal Worries 😰 of a New Relationship πŸ‘« We All πŸ’― Experience ...


Are you wondering what are normal worries of a new relationship? Starting a new relationship is exciting but it can also be very daunting, and it’s not weird or unnatural to worry about certain things. It’s just part of the process. What matters is how you deal with these worries. Knowing what they are can really help, so here are the top normal worries of a new relationship.

1. Is He Right for Me?

The age-old question and probably one of the most common normal worries of a new relationship. You might get on amazingly well, and you might be totally into him, but there’s always that little doubt about whether you’re totally compatible. The fact is, though, in relationships there are no guarantees. You can only go with the flow. If it’s working so far, then enjoy the moment and don’t think too far ahead.

Am I Moving Too Fast or Too Slow?
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