7 Note-Worthy Ways to Attract a Pisces ...


This has got to be one of my favorite signs because I am a Pisces โ€“ but how do you go about learning to attract a Pisces?

We aren't the hardest people in the world to get along with, so in trying to attract a Pisces, you've got to keep your real feelings in mind and become a romantic.

Romance is something that is super important to a Pisces, as are old-fashioned manners and politeness.

We want someone to open our doors and to pull our chairs โ€“ old-fashioned!

1. Talk a Lot

A Pisces is someone that likes to know everything about you, therefore they love long, long conversations.

While Lyndsie and I were courting and learning about our attraction, one thing she did was talk for hours and hours about everything that was on her mind.

If you're looking to attract a Pisces, you've got to be prepared to bare your soul!2

They Are Fixers


👌 Perfect
My boyfriend is a Pisces and some of these could not be farther than the truth!
I'm a piscean and this is so true! Each and every point.. Unbelievable
Vikki Dodd
I'm a Pisces too - and this is so perfect! Well done Heather! X
I'm a Pisces and this is all true! #amazing!
I'm a pisces and this is so true
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