7 Note-Worthy Ways to Attract a Pisces ...


This has got to be one of my favorite signs because I am a Pisces – but how do you go about learning to attract a Pisces?

We aren't the hardest people in the world to get along with, so in trying to attract a Pisces, you've got to keep your real feelings in mind and become a romantic.

Romance is something that is super important to a Pisces, as are old-fashioned manners and politeness.

We want someone to open our doors and to pull our chairs – old-fashioned!

1. Talk a Lot

A Pisces is someone that likes to know everything about you, therefore they love long, long conversations.

While Lyndsie and I were courting and learning about our attraction, one thing she did was talk for hours and hours about everything that was on her mind.

If you're looking to attract a Pisces, you've got to be prepared to bare your soul!

2. They Are Fixers

The biggest thing to remember about a Pisces is the fact that we are fixers.

We don't like problems that can't be solves and we don't want to hear about complaints that we can't work out.

If you really want to attract a Pisces, give them a problem that they can fix – and it will only improve the bond that you have!

3. Have Manners

Ah, those manners.

They are so, so huge!

If you really want to get your Pisces-crush to become attracted to you, manners are going to be huge!

Whether it involves pulling out their chair or just all around being polite, Pisces love someone that is going to treat them well!

4. Don't Lie

One of the biggest pet peeves for a Pisces is a liar.

They don't like to be lied to and they definitely don't want someone that is going to be dishonest all of the time in their life.

If you are looking to attract a Pisces and you really want them to like you, don't lie to them.

Instead, be upfront and honest with your feelings and thoughts!

Reveal Your True Feelings
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