7 Obvious Signs You're in a Highly Cherished Relationship ...


Even though this may seem pretty obvious to a lot of people, here are a few signs you’re in a highly cherished relationship, so you will realize how lucky you really are.

These next little pointers will indicate that your relationship is on the right track, but if you don’t recognize any of them, then maybe there are a few things you should change in order to repair it.

Just think of your relationship like a plant that needs water, sun and care to blossom.

Since one of the best definitions of the word “cherished” is actually “nurtured,” do everything you can to make your relationship flourish.2

Here are a few signs you’re in a highly cherished relationship that will make you appreciate your significant other even more:

1. You Trust Each Other

I think this is one of the most obvious signs you’re in a highly cherished relationship.

If you trust your partner and they do feel the same about you, then you’re in a very healthy relationship, since trust is vital.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but the fact that you’re working on this aspect of your relationship shows that you cherish the special bond you two share and that you’re not willing to let anything interfere with it.

2. You Give Each Other Personal Space

In every healthy relationship, it’s extremely important to give your better half enough space to grow as an individual.

Of course, you should spend a lot of time together, but sometimes too much is just too much.

Try not to suffocate your partner and allow them to spend some “alone time” every now and then.

3. You Know Your Partner’s Schedule

If you’re in a highly cherished relationship, then you should be up-to-date with your partner’s schedule.

You should know what is happening in their life, what difficulties they have to face at work, if they have any worries or insecurities or what their biggest achievements are.2

When you come home from work, talk about all these details, so you’ll be more present in your partner’s life.

Your Partner Doesn’t Feel Threatened by Your Success
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