13 of the Best Break-up Cliches ...


In the middle of the roller coaster ride that is a break-up (and sometimes simultaneously a break-down), here are 13 of the best clichés that quite possibly are the last thing you’ll want to hear being parroted by well meaning friends.

1. It’s for the Best

Here’s the best break-up cliché right off the bat. It’s for the best? Oh, good I’m glad that it’s not for the worst. That would have really sucked… Thanks, very reassuring.

The thing is, in the depths of a break up, you don’t care about better or best, you want what you had, what you had chosen. It’s like you’ve ordered a meal at the restaurant and instead of getting what you wanted, you get the most expensive thing on the menu - the best thing on the menu.

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Miss M
Its hard to break up with someone too, you shouldn\'t be so critical when they\'re just trying to soften the blow
Negative article
Olivia Hanna Bergström
Patricia Marie Gloria
Agreed @Syeda Sajida
Syeda Sajida
No disrespect to the writer but some of the stuff your friends say is not a Cliche infact it gives you hope in a dreary situation.... No need for over analysing
I don\'t like this considering the fact they\'re making you feel bad about the sayings that make you feel better
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