17 Old Fashioned Dating Habits πŸ‘« We Should Make Trendy Again ⏳ for Sure ...


Do you feel like you were born in the wrong time period?

Do you wish that you could go back in time to date, because men actually acted like men?

Women love to be treated with respect and dignity, even if it's just the smallest gesture.

Here are the top old fashioned dating habits we should make trendy again.

1. Formally Asking You to Go on a Date. a Real Gentleman Would do so in Person Vs over an App or Texting

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2. Showing up on Time is a Must. This Shows so Much Respect for You. Him Dressing up and Looking like He Spent Time on Himself is Also a Must, Because if You Took the Time to Get Ready, Why Shouldn't He do the Same?


3. Taking the Time to Meet Your Family, Which Includes Making Eye Contact, Shaking Hands, and Making Polite Convo


4. Bringing Flowers on the First Date. Imagine How Nice It'll Be when He Shows up at Your Door with an Armful of Blossoms!

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5. A Nice Stroll in the Park with a Picnic and a Bottle of Your Fav Wine, Dancing, or a Trip to the Drive-in Are All Creative Ideas for Dates

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6. Not Being Distracted by Anything and Giving Your Full Undivided Attention to Each Other. Cell Phone Use is to a Minimum, if Not Almost Entirely Nonexistent

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7. Giving Genuine Compliments. Bonus Points for Compliments Not Involving Your Appearance. All Women Want to Be Complimented on Their Intelligence!

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8. Taking Things Slow. Why Rush into Things?

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9. Offering up His Jacket to You if It's Cold

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10. Writing Love Letters is Such a Lost Art Form. Bring It Back by Writing One on Any Random Day and Leaving It in His Car or on His Desk

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11. Him Opening up Your Car Door. You'll Feel so Important and Loved!

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Drinking in Moderation. Sloppy Drunks Are Sooo Not Classy
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