9 Old Fashioned Marriage Rules It's Okay to Break ...


We've all heard that long list of old fashioned marriage rules that we must follow for a happy marriage.

As it turns out, some of those are long past their expiration date.

While those old fashioned marriage rules may work for some, they aren't set in stone and may not be right for you.

I've broken quite a few of these myself, and my guy and I are still perfectly happy.

1. Fighting Leads to Divorce

Divorce comes from having issues you can't resolve, not from fighting.

It's healthy to disagree in a relationship.

I hate it when I have a tiff with my guy and suddenly people start whispering about divorce.

This is one of the absolute silliest old fashioned marriage rules.

You're not always going to agree with each other on everything, just argue and work it out.

You don't have a problem unless your entire marriage is nothing but knock-out, drag-out fights.

Never Sleep Separately


I just love this article it's so true and realistic 😊
@Karen Wiseman What's ms?
Karen Wiseman
I'm very glad that, while we share so many interests we are still different enough that we don't "live in each other's back pocket". While our common interests are many we still are different enough to keep our relationship interesting. I have MS & I hate it when people feel sorry for me, which he is incapable of doing so as he is incapable to empathize with anyone, but he does make me laugh instead of letting me feel sorry for myself. We work & that is all that counts as far as we are concerned.
Karen Wiseman
My husband & I have been together for almost 13 years &, while in the first few months I had the first in love reactions (falling in love more & more every time I even thought about him) & he obviously felt in a like manner because he changed his peramitors of looking for a house to buy a house from looking for a house for him & his dog to including my 2 kids & me. In the past 12 years we have discovered that we share a lot of interests but some things not so much. We are both avid old movies seekers & most music tastes, we both enjoy lawn bowling as well as my daughter but my husband is pretty much eating, drinking, & dreaming lawnbowling from mid-April to late September every year & he only gets worse each year as he is taking on more & more responsibilities with the club every year. He has more female friends than he has male friends but I trust him to not cheat on me.
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