3. Only Vacation Together

While you'll probably take most of your vacations together, it's okay to take a few apart as well.

Maybe you want to go out for a girls' weekend or he needs some time with the guys.

Even as a couple, you still need to take some time for yourself.

I don't feel betrayed or lonely if my guy wants to go skiing with his friends because I'd rather head to the beach with the girls.

Ideally, try to take separate vacations at the same time, so no one feels left out.

Don't Go to Bed Angry


@That_Person, My parents divorced because of lying. And it was a collection of those small lies, where you're just not giving all of the information about what you're thinking. It wasn't cheating or something major. Just the 'innocent' omitting of details to make a better impact, after awhile a married spouse who is attentive notices when you're lying and not. If you want to tell someone you don't like their haircut just say they look amazing, but that you don't prefer it. Rather, instead of lying, you need to stop being a "yes man"/woman just to please everything they do. Lying hurts more than expressing your dislikes. If they ever found out you were lying they'd be hurt, and it would be harder to believe you find them attractive next time you compliment them.
I disagree with most of this. And especially 4 and 7. I would say unless you are married stop forming opinions of what works for it and what doesn't. And you shouldn't be telling people to lie and leave animosity in bed. If you "make a truce" then you're not angry, you've agreed to settle it after you've cooled off, that is something entirely different than someone being left feeling hurt to 'possibly' sulk for hours unspoken. For the gender thing, that depends on the relationship, it is or isn't ok based on who you're talking to, and isn't a universal truth. I personally crave that 'clingy' type that limits who I talk to, because I have no problem building trust from those insecure feelings. And I have no need to spend time with other women because I have a woman who will always give me attention. What better friends do I need than my opposite gender life partner and some really close guy pals?
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