5. Don’t Make Yourself Available to Everyone

Make it clear on your profile readers that you only date within a certain radius.

What’s the point of meeting a handsome guy online, when he lives across the country from you?

You know the drill: the two of you spend hours texting and social networking, and you finally make plans to meet and come to find out he doesn’t exist.

Stay in your own state (or province) when it comes to online dating, or risk getting catfished.

Don’t Set High Expectations


@Sara, Well, the guy happens to be nice and friendly. But his flirtations knows no limit. He knows that I really love my ex but he keeps on avoiding that point. How can I explain him my awkward situation without losing a good friend. I'm really depressed. Thank you.
This was very useful, especially the intentions part. You need to take your time to figure the person out first. Thank you.
Chathuni, in my opinion if you truly love your ex you wouldn't feel the need to text another guy and let off signs of flirtation. However you are single, and if you chose to text this other guy back than you should not feel guilty. This is when sticky situations arise. Ultimately you need to do what you feel will make YOURSELF happy. Hope I helped a little and good luck.
I broke up with my long distant boyfriend sometime ago but we've been so close despite our split. We called, chatted and even met for the first time. He still loves me but he needs time to feel again about reforming a relationship. I do love him too. But then there is this guy who's great friends with me. We met on facebook. We chat almost everyday. He's so kinky and he can't help being flirty while chatting. I feel guilty for talking to him cause I can't help getting flirty around him with his wild topics. Should i stop talking to him because i'm in love with my ex who equally loves me? Or should I not care cause i'm single? Help, please. Thank you. =)
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