17 Phrases πŸ—― That Can Build πŸ”¨ Sexual Tension 😍 ...


You don't have to wear next to nothing in order to be considered sexy.

In fact, you can forget about your appearance and use your words to turn on a man instead.

Here are a few phrases that can build sexual tension in any situation:

1. Make Me


You've probably seen movies where a couple was "arguing" and this phrase was used.2

There's something about it that can turn an innocent situation into a naughty one.

Prove It


Don't tell people that they're cute when they're angry. It really invalidates their feelings.
peony blue
Amelia Daisy
Said number 12 and i was actually being honest and not flirty at all πŸ˜… my bad
How old is Holly Roiden? And why is her profile bio scripted like it's written by a different person?
stasha morales
Said number 12 he said you should see me out of them
Number 3 does not sound very innocent lol πŸ˜…
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