7 Pieces of Advice for Engaged Couples from Long Married Couples ...


Advice for engaged couples usually centers around wedding advice.

While that is certainly helpful for wedding planning, it does not do a lot for the coming marriage.

I love a beautiful, romantic wedding as much as anyone but I tend to agree with the statement that too much emphasis is put on preparing for the wedding and not enough emphasis is put on preparing for the marriage.

Advice for engaged couples is valuable when it can help them prepare for the realities of marriage.

I hope that the following pieces of advice do just that.

1. Find a Mentoring Couple

Long married couples would tell you that you need a mentoring couple to help you along your way.

This is good advice for engaged couples because you do not know it all when you first get married.

A mentoring couple should be a couple that has been married a good length of time and has a happy, stable marriage for starters.

It is good if they share your faith and a lot of your beliefs.

A mentoring couple can coach you and guide you through some rough patches in your marriage as well as help you learn about marriage in day to day living.

2. Donโ€™t Take on Too Much Debt

Debt is not good for any marriage.

While some people choose to live debt free and some people believe that achieving things through debt is the only way to go, there is no question that debt can bring stress.

It can also place stress upon your marriage.

If you do choose to have debt to purchase things, do so wisely.

Do not get in over your heads.

3. Keep Dating

Dating should not stop at the altar.

Some of the happiest, longest married couples I know credit their happiness to a standing weekly or monthly date.

Dating is fun and keeps you connected.

It is also a set aside time when you can focus solely on your relationship and later, your marriage.

In the midst of all that life throws at you with careers, children, family and everything else, dating can be a key to your marital success.2

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