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It happens often. An introvert and an extrovert end up in a relationship and realize there’s a major personality difference. So, what’re you to do when you find yourself in that position? These’re 7 pieces of relationship advice that introverts dating extroverts need. And while this’s written from an introverted slant, the same advice works if you’re the extrovert in the relationship.

1. Accept Your Differences Rather than Trying to Change Your Partner

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Who you are is who you are and the same goes for your partner. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief if you accept that rather than fight against it. Personalities don’t often change and if they do so, it’s usually over a long period of time and because the person wants to consciously make a change. It can’t be forced. You’re each unique and that’s okay!

Respect Yourself


I'm an introvert my partner is extrovert and it's hard sometimes when he sees I'm quiet he is always asking me if I'm ok which can be nice but annoying to
I am an extrovert but the guy I like is an introvert. It's hard to approach him since our country is conservative. Girls who approach first are aggrassive and desperate. Csn you advice me please??
My CORE standards cannot be compromised! Despite deep love feelings%
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