11 Pieces of Valuable 💎 Relationship Advice 💑 from Married Couples 💍 ...


If you want your relationship to last, then you need to treat your partner right.

How do you do that?

Well, you should start by following this valuable relationship advice from Self:2

1. Choose to Love Each Other, Even in Those Moments when You Struggle to like Each Other

Choose to Love Each Other, Even in Those Moments when You Struggle to like Each Other

Love is a choice, after all.

Always Answer the Phone when Your Husband/wife is Calling


I love this. A lot. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 2 years and talk about marriage all the time and this post is really reassuring. He's definitely the one :)
I really like this. My boyfriend & I have been talking about marriage lately and he was saying how he wants to propose to me in about two and a half years. I'm 21 at the moment and he's 22 but he's been talking about this since we first got together.
@BBlount could not have said it better -open honesty is key, speaking from experience on that one!
Oh! One more thing. Forgive. And when you do, NEVER bring it back up. Love hard.
Here's a few more. If you have friends of the opposite sex, leave them outside of your marriage. This creates mistrust in adversity. Don't text them, private message, or email them. If it is necessary to contact them, talk to your spouse first and don't leave the room. Private convos create intimacy and we are not immune to it. Always be open and honest with all of your electronics. Make a list of sites that are password protected and give it to your spouse. This creates an environment of openness and trust. Remember, nobody will protect your marriage but you, and if you safeguard it from the beginning, its a lot easier to deal with when things get tough...and they will. Always be honest. If you have to hide something, lie about, or delete it to keep it from being seen, you shouldn't be doing it. Last of all...listen with intention. Never assume what your partner means. Be gentle. They need the best of you.
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