7 Places to Meet Girls Who like Girls ...


If you’ve tried every dating site in the world to no avail, there are places to meet lesbians in real life (meaning no never-ending strings of messages!).

Whether you prefer grabbing drinks at the bar come Friday night or scoping the bookstore shelves, meeting girls who like girls can be easier than you’d think.

Here are 7 great places to meet lesbians to get you started!

1. LGBT-Friendly Bars

One of the most popular places to meet lesbians is at a bar or club geared toward lady-loving gals.

You can easily Google lesbian bars and parties in your city.

If even thinking about walking into a lesbian bar makes you anxious, you might want to consider trying out an LGBT-friendly (but not lesbian-exclusive) bar.

For a confidence boost, bring a close friend a.k.a.

wing woman along (it works, I promise!).

I met my partner at a karaoke night at an LGBT-friendly bar.

My straight friend, who was acquainted with her, introduced us and we hit it off –I wasn’t even looking to find someone!

But just remember that your main objective in hitting the bar –especially when you’re just coming out– is to make connections and form networks.

The more lesbian and bisexual friends you have, the easier it’ll be to find a girl you really click with.2



I think that in my opinion it would be better to date or have a relationship with another girl because we both know what we want ,have more things in common ,and express our feelings better to each other.*i am a girl* 
@Moshwithmegirls , yup me too
Susan elfman
See if you can go to an all girls camp. That's how I figured out I liked girls, and now I have a girlfriend who also goes to camp with me. :)
Belinda Boxer
I wouldn't mind dating a woman, yet where do I find one seeing that I am a woman
Renea Claire
Wow your a young lesbian
Priyanka Chopana
Lesbian dating sites I believe are the easiest and best places to find a lesbian partner. While the other ways do work but at times take too much time.
what if you are not old enough to go to a bar? I'm turning 17 in March.
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