5. Don't Let the Online Relationship Go Too Long

One thing that I've learned when I was in an online relationship is to not let it go on too long.

Truthfully, it shouldn't last a year – it should be kept to about six months or maybe a little more, that way you can really get to know the person that you are talking to – if they are telling the truth.

This is sound advice girls, don't get wrapped up in an online relationship for years and years!

Discuss the Future


by the way we live in a different countries. We planned to meet in his country
hello. I ve been wondering something. I am relationship with a guy for 3 months. we talked on the phone at least once in two weeks. however he doesnt answer my messages on time he always text back after few hours or more. I think that he is not interested in me anymore but he says he has university exams and wants me to wait untill the exam. Do you think that Δ± should wait for him or studying is just an excuse?
6 years, I came across the world, and after the very first nite he just desappeared
Heather Jensen
Hi Monica! I know that it's hard, but what are your future plans? Do you think that you'll be able to move? A year or even a year and a half is a long time to be in a long distance relationship.
Heather Jensen
Aww! I'm so sorry -- that's hard.
Monica Sustaita
And the main problem is that he lives in Paris, France and I live in Utah
Monica Sustaita
So I'm in an online relationship for almost 6 months, on Feb. 14 it will be our 6 months together and we send each other gifts, he is always constantly talking to me, and giving me compliments, and talking about our future together❀... Well I read your one that said something like dont be in it for no more than a year
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