7 Points to Consider if Your Friends Don't like Your Boyfriend ...


When friends dislike your boyfriend, it can be a very uncomfortable experience.

You want them to get along because they are both important to you, but if it´s obvious that your friends don't like your boyfriend, you´re in a very difficult position.

Besides, sometimes there seems to be no good reason for their attitude.

But are they right, or is there some other motive behind their behaviour?

Here are some points to consider when your friends dislike your boyfriend …2

1. They Know Something

Have you ever been in a position where you have heard something worrying about a friend´s partner, but you know that you can´t tell her because she´ll be angry with you?

If your friend clearly dislikes your boyfriend (and it can be hard to hide), maybe she´s the one that knows something.

Of course, you have to trust someone when you´re in a relationship, so it´s very difficult if you start to question yourself about them – are you doing them an injustice?

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