7 Positively Useful Tips on How to Flirt Online ...


Iโ€™ve often wondered how to flirt online.

I read up, got some practice, and now I consider myself an online flirting expert!

Just like there are rules for flirting in the real world, I have some ideas to help you become the worldโ€™s best online flirt.

Here are 7 tips on how to flirt online.

Letโ€™s go!

1. Go Active All over!

Why limit yourself to flirting on Facebook or Twitter or eHarmony when you can flirt online all over!

Set up a profile on a few different dating websites (I recommend OKCupid and Fellody) and use them, along with Facebook and Twitter, to flirt all over the web!

Be Yourself!


Sonali Chandna
I think it is necessary to portray real personality when online, and as these days you have availability of dating sites with chat rooms , just find men who tickle your funny bone and want to continue chatting, and after a few days of knowing each other, if person is trustworthy, just go out on a date.
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