Possessive BF Traits That Are Scary, Not Sweet ...


Some men will treat you like a criminal, but will claim that they act that way out of love. However, it doesn't matter how much someone cares about you, because there are some lines that they just shouldn't cross. If they do, it's not a romantic gesture, it's a red flag. Here are some possessive traits that you should consider scary, not sweet:

1. He Reads All of Your Texts

If your phone is sitting on the counter and buzzes, there's nothing wrong with your boyfriend looking to see who texted you. However, if he demands to read every single conversation you have on your phone and on Facebook, he's overprotective. It's a good idea for you to allow him to look through your phone occasionally, because it shows you have nothing to hide, but it's unhealthy for him to snoop through it every single time you leave the room.

He Tracks Your Movement


OMG!!! That's so my ex
this is what's happening to my best friend right now and she's really getting frustrated about it no matter how she explains it to her boyfriend nothing could get through his thick skull. Although he ...
Been there. Wore the bruises.
I had a relationship like that, did love the guy more than myself. Too bad. One night I called the police and never got to see him again
This is RIGHT! I agree with @priska "being a girlfriend is different from being a slave"
This sounds more stalkerish than a bf
Being a gf is different from being a slave
My ex boyfriend was just like that, and I don't know how I managed to stay with him for 6 frickin' years.
I feel like this is secretly directed at Kanye West even though it's not
I disagree with letting him go through my phone on occasion. I'd never ask my man to let me look through his (so disrespectful!) and I'd dump him if he needed to go through mine. Boundaries.
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