17 Precautions You Should Take before a First Date ...


You don't want to end up dating someone dangerous. You don't want to be with a dud, either. That's why there are a few precautions every woman should take before going out on a first date with a man she barely knows.

1. Look Him up on Facebook

Look Him up on Facebook

You've probably had the urge to Facebook stalk him already, and now it's time to go through with the idea. You might see a photograph of him kissing another girl, or notice that his relationship status isn't set to single.

Drive to the Date Yourself


13 is stupid
#4 is a HUGE one.
I carry mace wherever I go. I think these are great tips to keep women safe!
If you feel like you need to do a background check, maybe you shouldn't go on a date w/ the guy.... Not normal behavior
7. Carry a Weapon ? ? ? Why not just go all in? Build a nuclear bomb shelter and live in there full time.
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