17 Questions ❔You Need Answered before You Move in 🏠 with Your Man πŸ‘« ...


So exciting!

You can’t wait to get packing.

Moving in with your boyfriend is an amazing step in your relationship but don’t get caught up in the moment.

Slow down and breathe because there are a few things to consider before you cross the threshold.

You might need a notepad to answer the questions but they need to be asked.

1. The L-Word?

The L-Word?

Have you even told each other that you love each other yet?2

If not, then moving in together feels like a hasty step.

2. Will It Last?

Will It Last?

Before you make a big life decision, sit down and really consider if you think this relationship is going to be the one that lasts forever.

3. Is It Right for Me and Us?

Is It Right for Me and Us?

How much of a change will it be?

It makes sense to cut some costs and move in together if you are staying at his apartment every night anyway!

4. How do You End Arguments?

How do You End Arguments?

Are you good at putting a fight behind you?

That is essential if you are living together and cannot necessarily take a few days off from each other.

5. Are the Financials Good?

Are the Financials Good?

Are you both in the position to be able to pay your half of the rent every month?3

You don’t want to have to be the sole provider.

6. Do You Fight on Trips?

Do You Fight on Trips?

Do you tend to get on each other’s nerves if you have to spend a long amount of time together?

This might not be an ideal living situation!

7. Seeing You at Your Worst?

Seeing You at Your Worst?

Are you comfortable with letting your boyfriend see you at your very worst?

Up until this point you might still have been making a constant effort to look your best when you are together.3

8. Vice Versa?

Vice Versa?

And that goes in the other direction too.

Living with a guy can open your eyes to lots of gross stuff.

Are you ready to see all of that!?

Is There a Pet Situation?
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