13 Rare Traits of a True Gentleman ...


It can be difficult to find a boyfriend with traits of a true gentleman.

However, chivalry is certainly not dead.2

Since times are changing, the way we perceive perfection is evolving.

Traits of a true gentleman aren’t the same now as they were in Victorian times.2

Here are some of the modern qualities that we’d all love our guys to have:

1. Perfect Patience

One of the traits of a true gentleman is patience.

Men, sometimes without realizing it, will push you to be physical.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can make you uncomfortable if you’re not ready to move forward.

A true gentleman will understand your desire to wait, and he won’t judge you if you agree to move fast.

He won’t question your morals, and he’ll fully support whatever decision you make.

Manly Manners


Gabbi Luna
Last October 29, I met a guy like this but we already left the hotel. He talked to me inside the elevator but I didn't reply. I regret it. :(
Josh Francisco
Doing this for a long time, its just sad i landed to a person who doesn't seek this kind of treat. Wherever you are. I'am here. Waiting.
Momo Baeb
Oh yes, I have met one like this.....they do exist and every lady deserves one like this
Midnight Rose
@Katrina - do they have a single brother?
I love guys who prove that chivalry isn't completely dead
Dina Ali
Just met someone like this and now I am sure I am keeping him
Once you've dated someone with these traits, you expected it from anyone you date after. This is how women deserve to be treated. I love when a guy opens the car door
Cindee Schneider
True gentleman33 years
This is the stupidest list
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