7 Reason to Avoid Telling Others about Problems in Your Marriage ...


If you've been dealing with some problems in your marriage, you may be wondering if you should confide in a friend or family member.

We all need to talk about our problems from time to time, but it's important to be very selective about what you discuss with other people.

Did you know that talking about issues that you’re having in your marriage or complaints that you have with your spouse, may only make things worse?

Here are some reasons why you should think twice before telling others about problems in your marriage.

1. No Resolution

Most people don't feel that any harm can be done by talking about their marital problems.2

Usually they just want advice on how to resolve the problems that they are having.

Sometimes they're simply looking for someone to listen to them, while they express their frustrations.

Perhaps they just want reassurance that everything will be okay.

Even if you have the best of intentions, talking about problems in your marriage may not resolve anything.

You may spend hours discussing the problem only to find out that nothing gets fixed.

Your Spouse May Find out and Feel Betrayed


when i talk to my family abt my husband who is really very busy and have no time for me they blamesme couz he gifted me expensive things that mean he is wonderful
It's amazing advice,really like it
Inna Borukhova
these things are so smart i am a newlywed and this is amazing advice
@Cindy lol that's funny 😂
Yeah I agree my dad has been listening to all the bull shit my sister tells him about her awful marriage.. And she wonders why dad doesn't like her husband lol
I don't it matters what anyone says.... People usually do whatever they want wether friends agree or disagree. All you need is support and someone listen to you vent. People usually look stupid when they pretend everything is ok, next thing you are moving out. My best friend is going though this.
This is related to #5, but sometimes hearing about problems in your marriage can turn the other person against your spouse. I'll admit I don't think the same of my friend's husband since she told me he cheated on her. It's not my business, but many people get more upset when someone hurts one of their friends/family than they would if the same person hurt them...if that makes sense. No one wants to see someone they care about hurt. You might forgive but your sister may not.
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