9 Reasons Being Single in Your Twenties Really Isn't so Bad ...


I wouldn’t admit to this unless I was comfortable with it, but I’ve been single by choice for the last 10 years of my life and have learned that being single in your 20s really isn’t so bad. I don’t hate men and I do hope to have a relationship sometime soon, or later in my life, but I needed some time to get to know myself before I asked someone else to get to know me too. I grew up insecure, and unable to feel confident unless I had a boyfriend. At age 18, I lost a boyfriend due to a bad breakup, and after that, decided to take a step back and evaluate some things. What I learned was that being single in your 20s can have its ups and its downs, but overall, it really isn’t so bad. Now, I don’t have any advice for those of you in your 30s and I’m hoping I won’t be writing this article 10 again years later!

1. You Can Get to Know Yourself

As I said, one of the best things about being single in your 20s is you can get to know yourself. Sure, you know your name, height, age and what town you grew up in. That's not truly getting to know yourself though. Learning who you are is learning what you love to enjoy without the influence of anyone else, what your beliefs are outside of anyone else’s opinion, and learning what you want to do with your life, outside of anyone else’s persuasion or effect on that. I don’t think I’d ever spent true alone time before my early 20s where I enjoyed just doing things alone. I couldn’t even go to the store before that without having someone with me. Not even your friends can tell you who you really are. Being single in your 20s allows you to discover who you really are as a person and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

It Gives You Freedom


Being single in your 20's is awesome, you get to meet different guys and have fun with them, get to know yourself and what you like and you invest in your career. Trust me, you will reap the rewards afterwards.
being single still stucks really bad. its no fun at all. all these benefits might be true for some, but the faster im married the happier I will be.
Thank you heaps for this article, I recently got out of a toxic relationship and this has given me more reassurance about life in your 20's. I'm very career driven and I'm off to chase my wildest dreams and be the successful young woman I aim to be 💜😁
This really put things into perspective, thanks very much. I just turned 27 and I was like Oh no, I am almost 30 and I am without a love life. When in reality, its better to relax and just let things happen they way they were meant to happen.
@Laura-Jane same here! Good luck with everything x
Cee Vee
Thank you for this article, it has put things into perspective. I too was in an unhealthy toxic relationship for most of my uni life and I'm trying to find myself again too. I'm now going to focus on ...
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