7 Reasons Marriage is Good for You ...


What are the reasons marriage is good for you?

Marriage may seem to be falling out of fashion, and certainly you don't need to be married to have a fulfilling relationship.

However, if you do like the idea of being married, it definitely has a number of advantages.

Here are some of the reasons marriage is good for you …

1. Union

One of the reasons marriage is good for you is that you're building a union that is legally and spiritually recognised.

If it's important to you to be part of an acknowledged and official relationship, marriage will be beneficial to you.

Or perhaps you feel that it's important for religious reasons, in which case it's the only option for you.

2. Legal Rights

As a married person you usually have a lot more legal rights.

Unmarried partners may have to fight for a share of a deceased partner's estate (you should always make a will, and especially so if you're not married).

You'll be your spouse's legal next of kin.2

Plus should you fall in love with someone from another country, it's easier to bring them to live in your country if you're married.

3. Longer Life

It's often said that men benefit most from marriage as they live longer, whereas unmarried women have longer lives.

But it seems that in fact both genders enjoy longer lives if they are married.

While it's not clear if long-term unmarried partners enjoy the same benefits, it's certain that having someone to share your life with is beneficial to your mental well-being.2

4. Sharing Your Life

Being married is a clear statement that you want to share your lives with each other.

It means that you have someone to support you through difficult times, as well as more prosaic issues like sharing living costs.

Living on your own suits some people fine, but others do better with someone to share their life with.

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