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So you’ve been dating for a while and are pretty sure he’s the one. Congratulations! A natural next step might be moving in together. You could definitely make it work, but many relationship experts caution against it. If you’re on the fence, it pays to do your research and balance the pros and cons before jumping into something that you both might regret. You’ve probably heard all the reasons for moving in with him, but here are some that you should consider that say hold off for a while.

1. It Might Deter You from Making a Marriage Commitment

Unless you can both agree that you’re good with your relationship as is and you don’t want it to lead to marriage, relationship experts say to stay living apart. With the economy these days, more and more young people are living at home with Mom and Dad to save on expenses. Moving in together might solve the financial aspect, but if that’s the only reason why you’re making the move, your relationship could suffer.

He is Urging You to Move in


peony blue
Move in if you want or not but let's not make a great deal about it.oving in with a boyfriend for the sake of it can be healthy. It makes you learn a great deal about yourself
My boyfriend living across the land. I'm around wales while he live near London due to his work place is there. I'm a student and due to my house contract, I need to move out from the house I'm curren...
Ooh and we been together for a year. And he is totally "the one". 😍😍
This article came at the perfect time! My boyfriend is planning to move out by December and i planned to move out sometime next year. And he asked me on Sunday if i would move in with him when he move...
@Lucie, use your common sense
11th reason..... You're reading this list....
What ? And what about if you don't way to get married ?!
Monique Harding
My boyfriend asked me to move in with him. Uh, no. With a capital N. Cohabitation, shaking up - whatever you want to call it, may lead to a disaster. Maybe not. Two each his own. Personally, when we'r...
Monique Harding
My boyfriend asked me to move in with him. Uh, no. With a capital N. Cohabitation,
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