10 Reasons Not to Move in with Him ...


So you’ve been dating for a while and are pretty sure he’s the one.


A natural next step might be moving in together.

You could definitely make it work, but many relationship experts caution against it.

If you’re on the fence, it pays to do your research and balance the pros and cons before jumping into something that you both might regret.2

You’ve probably heard all the reasons for moving in with him, but here are some that you should consider that say hold off for a while.

1. It Might Deter You from Making a Marriage Commitment

Unless you can both agree that you’re good with your relationship as is and you don’t want it to lead to marriage, relationship experts say to stay living apart.

With the economy these days, more and more young people are living at home with Mom and Dad to save on expenses.

Moving in together might solve the financial aspect, but if that’s the only reason why you’re making the move, your relationship could suffer.

2. He is Urging You to Move in

If the desire to live together is one-sided, resist the temptation to let him talk you into it.

No matter how much you love him, you know whether you’re ready to move in or not.

If he loves you as much, he’ll understand your need to wait and you can work out the details of when the right time might be together.

If he won’t let up, perhaps you should reconsider the dynamics of your relationship.

3. You like His Apartment

It’s a great place to hang out and spend quality time together.

And his apartment or house might be better than yours.2

That is not a reason to move in with him.

No matter how fabulous his digs, living together is a huge step that you might be minimizing just because you’re in love with his huge living room and crown molding.

It Will save You Money
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