7 Reasons Romantic Relationships Are Overrated ...


Yes, it's wonderful to be in a relationship with someone you love but it's not everything in life. Guest contributor Miles Young shares his reasons on why romantic relationships are seriously overrated!

If you believe your family, the media, and pretty much everyone else, you must have a romantic relationship for a fulfilling life. Forget that. Here are 7 reasons that romantic relationships are overrated.

1. Relationships Can Kill Your Financial Stability

When you get married, you accept everything about your partnerβ€”including their bad credit. Studies have shown that modern women are more financially responsible than men in many respects.

Taking on their bad credit score can affect all areas of your financial stability. It can even affect your car insurance. State Farm and many other companies require records of every adult in your household. That means an irresponsible person could push your rate up even before you get married.

Relationships Get in the Way of Careers


Abigail Jaiyeola
yes Jamaica at #1!!!!!
Michelle Kennedy
I already got married in September 1986
Abigail Jaiyeola
@Megan Mena, You lose friends when you fall in love. If she was a true friend, she would be RIGHT by your side.
We live in a society that makes you feel if your not married then you are a failure. I think the author is saying "not" being in a romantic relationship is not the end of the world... You still can h...
Megan Mena
My friends stop talking to me right when I got in a engaged and till this day I still don't know why but I had to let go and now it's been 4 years and still never managed to meet new girlfriends 💔
@Rhi I know for a fact that my bias can be seen in my comment, but the point is that the article is written from a narrow perspective. It expresses one viewpoint while disregarding the way others may...
@Avril Exactly what I thought.
Chuppi Fathimath
That's weird we fell I. Love n within 45 days we got married, now for 9 years! Two little toddlers n we r still Romantic... 😊 it's great to be single but everybody wants to fall in love~ Andy Warhol
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