7 Reasons the Single Life Beats Dating ...


If you've recently broken up with your partner, you might feel depressed or alone. But while break ups can be devastating and you'll need time to adjust to single life, there are reasons to welcome the change. The truth is, single life can be awesome. Here are seven reasons why the single life beats dating.

1. You Don't Have to Check in

When you're part of a twosome, you typically have to check in with your significant other a couple times a day. Although you don't mind the check ins, it might get exhausting if you're busy with work, school and other obligations. After a breakup, you're no longer required to check in or answer to anyone (other than your folks if you still live at home). If you want to hang out with your coworkers after work and come home a little later, you're free to do so and you don't have to let anyone know.

You Can Concentrate on Your Studies


There are a few points I'd like to add to this article: 1, you can eat anything anytime (canned tuna, onion, garlic...). 2, Plan a trip or vacation with friend or family without needing to check with ...
Single life is overrated ... Why do people say you lucky to be singled.. Or you got it made being singled and they are married... Being singled gets lonely 99% of people want to be in a loving relationship nobody wants to grow old alone!!!
She Loves Love
yes @dottieruth .. spot on !!!
Completely agree with @DottieRuth
This is a very close minded view. Unless you are in an abusive relationship or a relationship where you feel like you have to do everything exactly like the movies none of these actually apply. If you...
Very useful thx for the advice
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