7. You Can Get to Know Other People

If you're no longer in a relationship, this is also an opportunity to get to know others guys. This doesn't suggest being a player and dating multiple guys at one time. But if you're ready to commit and get into a serious relationship, you can go on a couple dates to find the right guy.

Relationships are fun and it's nice having a best friend by your side. But it's not the end of the world if the relationship ends. You'll have a lot of extra free time on your hands, so make the best of it. What are other reasons to love the single life?


I do all these things and have been with my other half for 5 years
I do all these things and have been with my other half for 5 years
It's great not having to explain yourself to someone 👍
@Dottie&@Abriscoe U guys r very teue
A committed relationship doesn't restrict you from any of these things. The difference is, now, I can do them all and still know I'm loved by someone, and that's better than anything being single can provide.
Alexis Nicole'
Agreed Dottie!!!!
Totally agree
I can do all of these and I'm in a committed relationship. Unless your in a controlling and abusive relationship, being single sucks ass.
Beryl Stokes
And you can stay in the bathroom as long as you like without someone banging on the door !
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